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Chapter 3 (Constraints)

04 – Practical (1)

Practical 1 In this practical, we will create a sketch as shown in Following figure. The sketch shown in this following figure is not actual drawing that you will get…
Chapter 3 (Constraints)

03 – Inserting Objects

Inserting Objects Session 3 – Inserting Objects in Sketch The tools to insert objects of other software in current sketch are available in the Insert panel of Sketch tab in…
Chapter 3 (Constraints)

02 – Constraints

Dimensioning and Constraining Session 2 – Constraints Show Constraints The Show Constraints tool is used to display constraints of the selected sketch entities. The procedure of using this tool is…
Chapter 3 (Constraints)

01 – Dimensioning

Dimensioning and Constraining Session 1 – Dimensioning Dimensioning Tools The tools to apply dimensions are given in Constrain panel of the Sketch tab; refer to following Figure. The dimensioning tools…
Chapter 3 (Constraints)

00 – Introduction

Dimensioning and Constraining Session 0 – Introduction Dimensioning and Constraining The major topics covered in this chapter are: Introduction to Dimensioning Dimensioning Tools Introduction to Constrains Constrain tools Formatting tools Inserting objects…
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